For over 50 years, the Malingue gallery has served collectors and art lovers by tirelessly seeking out remarkable artworks, often new to the market, by the best-known artists of the major 19th- and 20th-century movements.


With over 50 years of experience, Daniel Malingue, the gallery’s founder, has established an international reputation, putting his professionalism at the service of collectors and institutions, and contributing to the enrichment of renowned public and private collections.


The Malingue gallery's credo has always been to rigorously apply the highest standards in the selection of artworks and to offer collectors the expertise and advice best suited to their needs.


The gallery, which has a special interest in the Surrealist movement, holds regular exhibitions, including Yves Tanguy in 2002, Max Ernst in 2003, Matta in 2004 and Victor Brauner in 2011. Other strong interests – in the Nabi artists and the Pont-Aven School – led to exhibitions of Émile Bernard in 2010 and Maurice Denis in 2015. An important exhibition dedicated to Charles Filiger was offered in Spring 2019. In 2017, a major exhibition of the work of Jean Hélion during the forties marked the reopening of the gallery after extensive renovation.

 Recently, the interest of the gallery focuses on iconic artists and movements of the second half of 20th century (Nouveau réalisme, Figuration narrative, Abstraction lyrique, Art informel).

Having established close relations with the directors and curators of museums around the world over the years, the Malingue gallery also contributes regularly to prestigious exhibitions through loans and other forms of support.


Daniel Malingue is assisted by an efficient, highly skilled team, always ready to assist and advise collectors.The Malingue gallery is always prepared to advise and assist collectors and institutions interested in selling or buying exceptional works.